Wednesday, September 2, 2009

packing with the diva ..ohh drama

okay so i been gone for a minute shit is crazy im packing and i just realized that im packing fucking summer attire and its damn near fall okay tia this is dc your moving back to not the damn south okay madddd confused love mad confused smdh anyway i need a freaking laptop i am going to ask my mommyto buty me one since she suppose to got it for my bday cuz thats what i wanted smdh anyway im in need of a mac but my fiance lls i love saying that but we on a budget i aint living with moms nomore i gotta grind like superduper grind get money grind and i cant do that by bullshitting so im taking an hour break and im going to go get my brothers laptop upstairs and figure out how to unpack all this bullshit and then clean my room and just leave boxes of my shit init hmm i gotta lot to do .....

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