Friday, July 2, 2010

iphone4g rants and raves Ii ORDERED IT


ladies and gentleman Monday i will have my iphone ohh yes i ordered it today and im so excited about it  i have low vision and this phone will bring a end to my eye squinting it has a feature that i can slide my finger across the screen and boom its reading me the letter woowzah im so excited about this yall i cant even control it so i havent decided on the skin i want but hey its probably gonna be a replica of my aka symbol or some pink and green stuff ;D now i must show yall all the percs and features of this phone its so remarkable just look ...

so look at him isnt he gorgeous and yes im getting the black one unfortunately my hormones wouldnt allow me to wait for the blanco one i just want it and i was willing to spend 300 fucking dollars on it too out of my check leaving me with 400 dollars for the first two weeks of july and my other check wont be comming till the 15 or so lls but thats how press i was its my bday present to me ;D even though august wont be here till another 30 days lls im sooo press ..well enough about me here it is the iphone4g 32gb 

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